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Tunics and Trousers

It has taken a while, but collector interest in the uniforms and insignia of the West German armed Forces is definitely increasing. This new reality prompts us to make available a variety of Bundeswehr tunics that we have accumulated in our personal collection. We will do this gradually, adding more tunics as market conditions warrant.

BUNDESWEHR SIZES: Gowen Militaria has decided to use a simpler sizing system for Bundeswehr (including Luftwaffe) tunics than the cumbersome one used by the West German armed forces. We will list the tunics by chest size, the distance around the chest in inches and centimeters, using the following categories. NOTE: Corporal and NCO tunics generally lack shoulderboard insignia.

  • SMALL: 38 to 39 inches/96.5 to 99.1 centimeters.
  • MEDIUM: 40 to 41 inches/101.6 to 104.1 centimeters.
  • LARGE: 42 to 44 inches/106.7 to 111.7 cm.
  • EXTRA LARGE: 45 inches/114.3 cm. and larger.

Tunics and Trousers
Code Name Image Price    
WGUN1 West German Bundesgrenzschutz/Federal Border Police Tunic $76.00
WTUT11 Bundeswehr/West German Army Panzergrenadier PIONIERE/ENGINEER Tunic. $52.00
WTUT12b Bundeswehr/West German Army Panzergrenadier INFANTRY Tunic. $50.00
WTUT12c Bundesheer/West German Army Modified Wehrmacht Service Jacket: Plain $24.00
WTUT12d Bundesheer/West German Army Modified Wehrmacht Medical PersonnelSanitaets Service Jacket. RANK: Corp $40.00
WTUT12e Bundesheer/West German Army Modified Wehrmacht Artillery Service Jacket. RANK: Jaeger/Private $58.00
WTUT12f Bundesheer/West German Army Modified Wehrmacht Service Jacket. RANK: Stabsunteroffizier//Staff S $46.00
WTUT14 Bundesheer/West German Army MEDICAL PERSONNEL/SANITAETS Tunic. RANK: Jaeger/Private $48.00

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