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Video Documentaries

Gowen Militaria is pleased to be able to offer to collectors everywhere an assortment of East German documentaries never before available as DVDs. DVD discs have several advantages over the VHS and PAL tapes they are replacing, of which the most important is their noticeably improved image quality and convenience.

NOTE: All documentaries listed below are now available on DVD discs. The front covers of the jewels cases will be shown as the artwork is completed

Video Documentaries
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Code Name Image Price    
VID1 "Close Combat" $20.00
VID2 "Military Flyers of the NVA: I Fly and it Makes Me Proud" $20.00
VID3 "NVA Regiment Hans Beimler" $20.00
VID4 "Night Combat Operations" $20.00
VID5 "A Regiment & Its Commanders" $20.00
VID7 Preparing for War: NVA Sea and Ground Forces $20.00
VID8 "Military Parade: 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall" $20.00
VID9 "38th Anniversary Honor Parade of the DDR: 7 October 1987" $20.00
VID10 "39th Anniversary Honor Parade of the DDR: 7 October 1988" $20.00
VID11 "Grand Military Parade for the 40th Anniversary of the DDR" - with Extras $25.00

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