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Soviet Union & Warsaw Pact
New Specials
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East Germany
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Unique Collectibles

Unique Collectibles
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Code Name Image Price    
UNIQ1 NVA Black Female Handbag $35.00
UNIQ29 HALF-PRICE SALE. GST/Society for Sport and Technology Solid Marble Trophy/Paperweight $65.00
UNIQ43 NVA 30 Year Anniversary Medallion: 1st Regiment, 1956-86 $40.00
UNIQ52 SALE. NVA Soldier's Identification Booklet with ID Tags ("Dog Tags"): Unissued $75.00
UNIQ55 HALF-PRICE SALE. East German Silver Medallion Commemorating the Soviet Liberation of Germany $58.00
DPS1 Special troduOffer: Assortment of Authentic DDR Postage Stamps $6.00
UNIG56 DDR Fernsehturm/Television Tower Commemorative Souvenir Stamp, 1983: Framed $45.00
UNIQ60 NVA Gesundheitsbuch/Health Record: Unissued $10.00
UNIQ61 Victory Silver Cigarette Case: Soviet Ehrenmal/Liberation Monument $115.00
UNIQ62 Volkspolizei/People's Police Whistle with Dark Green Cord $28.00

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