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Posters and Charts

Beginning in the 1960s, the East German armed forces made a systematic effort to improve the technical proficiency of its soldiers. The paper wall posters listed below were part of this effort. They are in color and contain an impressive amount of technical data. The posters are originals, the same ones that once hung on the walls of NVA squad rooms and training facilities.

Posters and Charts
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Code Name Image Price    
TPS1 East German Uniforms: Military Police and Para-Military $8.00
TPS3 NVA Training Poster: Shooting with a Crosswind $15.00
TPS4 NVA Training Poster: Pattern of Targetry $15.00
TPS5 NVA Training Poster: Shooting Accuracy $15.00
TPS6 NVA Training Poster: Shooting Procedure $15.00
TPS7 NVA Training Poster: Shooting Effectiveness $15.00
TPS9 Photocopy. NVA Official Uniform and Insignia Poster: Grenztruppen/Border Guard $8.00
TPS11 Multi-Purpose Weekly Planners $5.00
TPS12 Large NVA Poster: "Die Tarnung des Aufklaerers"/Recon Camouflage $130.00
TPS13 New Poster. Special Postal Issue: 15th Anniversary of the DDR $3.00

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