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Soviet and Other Visor Hats

Soviet and Other Visor Hats
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Code Name Image Price    
SVH2 Generalís Parade Visor Hat: Military Prosecutor $230.00
SVH11 Bulgarian Navy Officer Visor Hat: Communist Period (and After) $35.00
SVH16 Soviet Senior Navy Officer Summer Parade Visor hat $135.00
SVH19 Soviet Senior Navy Officer Parade Visor Hat. Rank: Captain, 1st Rank $125.00
SVH20 Soviet Army/Artillery Officer Parade Visor Hat $120.00
SVH21 SALE. Soviet Army Armor/Artillery EM/NCO Service Visor Hat $15.00
SVH24 Bulgarian Border Patrol/Guard Visor Hat: Officer $130.00
SVH25 Hungarian General's Visor hat: Communist Period $210.00
SVH27 Hungarian Navy EM/Petty Officer Ranks Beret: Communist Period $85.00
SVH28 Soviet Army Armor/Artillery Officer Service Visor Hat $55.00

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