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Shoulderboards: Police and Related Agencies

Along with the armed forces (NVA), the East German police agencies continued the German tradition of showing unit identification and rank by means of stiffened cloth boards worn on the shoulderboards of tunics and jackets.

Police and NVA shoulderboards differed considerably, however, in terms of design and other features. A further complication is that most but not all police agencies conformed to the same design. The variations will become apparent in the listings that follow.

* All shoulderboard prices are per pair.
* Shoulderboard prices are less than current replacement cost in Germany.
* Gowen Militaria has in stock shoulderboards not listed in this section. Please ask if you do not see listed below particular shoulderboards.
Volkspolizei/People's Police
Air Force / Luftstreitkräfte
Artillery & Rocket Troops / Artillerie
Border Guard / Grenztruppen
Civil Defense / Zivilverteidigung
Construction Troops / Bautruppen
Engineer / Pionier
Infantry: Motorized Rifles / Mot. Schützen
Navy / Volksmarine
Navy: Aviation Branch / Fliegerkräfte
Navy: Coastal Border Patrol / Grenzbrigade Küste
Paratrooper / Fallschirmjäger
Rear Services / Rückwärtige Dienste
Signals / Nachrichten
Stasi / Ministerium Für Staatssicherheit
Subdued: CamouFlage / Feld
Tanks / Panzer

Shoulderboards: Police and Related Agencies
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