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The East Germans issued a large number of cloth pennants and banners to mark anniversaries and other special occasions, military and civilian. Most agencies including the armed forces (NVA) also issued pennants to recognize the achievements of specific units and individuals.

The pennants come in a rich array of fabrics, colors, shapes and designs, with triangular pennants, commonly called Wimpel, being among the most popular. Pennants almost invariably come with hanging cords, which are frequently in the national colors: black, red and yellow.

Pennants of all types are excellent collectibles, rich with history and expressively made to be displayed and appreciated.Our stock of pennants varies constantly, with new ones continually arriving. Readers unable to find below the pennants they are looking for are encouraged to email, write, or phone about availability. The stock of some pennants listed in the Catalog is severely limited, often only one of a kind. It is advisable to confirm availability of unusual pennants before ordering.

NOTE: The reverse side of pennants commonly displayed the East German coat of arms. Unless otherwise shown, this is the reverse side of the pennants.

Unless stated otherwise, the condition of all pennants/wimpel is mint

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Code Name Image Price    
PEN1 NVA. "Fuer Vorbildliche Leistungen. Beste Einheit"/For Exemplary Achievements. Best Unit. $15.00
PEN2 NVA. "Fuer Vorbildliche Leistungen. Best Command Unit $20.00
PEN3 NVA. "Fuer active Mitarbeit und Leistung Im Sozialistischen Wettbewerb"/For Active Collaboration and $15.00
PEN4 NVA. "Bestes Neuererkollektiv"/Best New Collective $18.00
PEN5 NVA. "Fuer Vorbildliche Leistungen. Bestes Reservistenkollektiv"/Best Reserve Collective $18.00
PEN6 NVA. "Fuer Vorbildliche Leistungen. Kollektiv der sozialistischen Arbeit"/Socialist Work Collective $18.00
PEN7 NVA. "Fuer Vorbildliche Leistungen. Kollektiv der sozialistischen Arbeit"/Socialist Work Collective $18.00
PEN9 NVA 20th Anniversary, 1956-1976 $20.00
PEN10 25 Jahre NVA/ 25th Anniversary NVA: 1956-1981 $38.00
PEN11 NVA. Armeesportvereinigung (ASV) "Vorwaerts"/Army Sport Union "Forward" $26.00

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