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East German Flags, Banners and Flag Pole Tops

East Germany was a country of flag-wavers. The state encouraged its citizens to display flags on many occasions. The general rule seems to have been the more flags displayed, the better.

The most common flag was the DDR state flag, which featured the country's official coat of arms. It was made available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, from hand-held paper flags to giant vertical flags flown on streets and buildings. State flags remain reasonably common and are either in stock or can be ordered.

Major organizations had their own flags as well. These varied greatly in design and quality. At the highest level were the lavish Honor Banners/Ehren- banner, which served to symbolize the organization's honor and unique mission. In the armed forces, a special reverence was attached to such flags ("standards" as they are often called), which existed from the regimental level to equivalents at the higher command levels, including related organizations such as the Kampfgruppen/Combat Groups of the Working Class. Ehrenbanner of all units are exceptional, and rarely appear as collectibles.

Other organizational flags as well as flags of different kinds are usually in stock, but not on a predictable basis. It is advisable to confirm availability of unusual flags before ordering

Flags, Banners and Flap Pole Tops
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Code Name Image Price    
FLG2 East German State Flag: Medium - Large $75.00
FLG10 FDJ/Free German Youth Flag: Small $25.00
FLG12 FDJ/Free German Youth Flag: Extra-Large, Vertical $125.00
FLG14 East German Communist Peace Dove Flag: Small $20.00
FLG16 Silver Flag Pole Top/Fahnenspitze: East German-Soviet Friendship Society $150.00
FEO28 NVA Red and Yellow Signal Flags $10.00
FLG20 East German State Flag - Medium $10.00
FLG21 Gold (Brass) Flag Pole Top/Fahnenspitze: Socialist Unity Party (SED) $65.00
FLG23 East German Small Paper Flag $5.00
FLG35 Large Double Sided Army Sport Union Flag $290.00

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