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Equipment: Rain/Splinter Pattern (1965-1990)

Most of the equipment worn in the field by East German soldiers and combat policemen was camouflaged, successively, in Leaf/Splotch Pattern and Rain/Splinter Pattern design. Exceptions do exist (examples: grey vinyl gas mask bags, early leather rim guards for field shovels), but as a general rule the NVA and combat police used camouflaged field gear.

The listing below is not exhaustive. It is limited to items that we have in stock, or can expect to obtain in Europe as of the time of preparation.
Rain/Splinter Pattern
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Code Name Image Price    
FER1 SUPER SALE. Rain Pattern Combat (or Assault) Pack/Sturmgepaeck $16.00
FER4 RE-STOCKED ITEM. Rain Pattern Ammunition Pouch with Side Pouch for Cleaning Kit: AK-74 $22.00
FER6 RESTOCKED ITEM. Last Issue Rain Pattern Ammunition Pouch: AK-47 $20.00
FER7 Rain Pattern Canteen/ Feldflasche $15.00
FER8 Rain Pattern Document Pouch/Brustbeutel $6.00
FER9 RESTOCKED ITEM. Rain Pattern Duffle (or Transport) Bag/Waeschesack $38.00
FER10 Last Issue Rain Pattern Grenade Pouch $10.00
FER11 Re-Stocked Item. Last Issue Rain Pattern Makarov Holster $38.00
FER14 RE-STOCKED ITEM. Last Issue (UTV) Rain Pattern Field Spade/ Feldspaten COVER $18.00
FER15 RE-STOCKED ITEM. Last Issue Rain Pattern Protective (Gas) Mask Bag $34.00

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