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DDR Postal Collectibles

With regrets, this section of the Catalog is still under construction. It is involving more time than Bob anticipated. The reason for this is worth sharing. When completed, our stamp section will be unique, nothing like it available elsewhere. It is being specially designed for military collectors and others with an interest in East Germany and its history. We hope you will agree with us that the new stamp section is worth the wait.

DDR Postal Collectibles
Code Name Image Price    
UNIQ35 30 Jahre NVA, 1956-1986/30 Years NVA Commemorative First Day Stamp with Cover $45.00
DPS1 Special troduOffer: Assortment of Authentic DDR Postage Stamps $6.00
UNIG56 DDR Fernsehturm/Television Tower Commemorative Souvenir Stamp, 1983: Framed $45.00
DPS2 DDR 30th Commemorative Souvenir Stamp, 1975: 30th Anniversary of the Liberation of East Germany by t $45.00
DPS3 20th Anniversary of the Kampfgruppen/Workers' Factory Militia Commemorative Souvenir Stamp, 1983: Fr $45.00
DPS4 STASI-inspired 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Feliks Dzierzynski Souvenir Stamp $55.00
DPS5 East German Framed Commemorative honoring "Marschall Josef Stalin": Postal Maxi-Card Plus Stamp $120.00
DPS6 40th Anniversary of the DDR, 1949-1989: Postal Commemorative Souvenir Sheet $55.00
DPS8 East German Commemoratives Honoring Vladimir Lenin: 100th Anniversary of His Birth, Framed $50.00
DPS9 Special Plaque: Kampfgruppen/ Workers' Factory Militia Commemorative Postal Collage $80.00

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