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CD Books and Documents

Gowen Militaria is dedicated to the preservation and distribution of information about the former East Germany. To this end, we have initiated a program of sharing with collectors everywhere some of the holdings on the DDR from our library, which contains a sizeable number of books, pamphlets, photographs, posters, and other printed and visual materials that collectors are not likely to be able to obtain elsewhere.

The most inexpensive way that we know of to make these materials available to collectors is to record them on CD discs. Using this method enables collectors to make maximum use of the materials, including printing or rearranging them in whatever manner they wish. We have organized the material using Microsoft Word, the most widely used word processing software.

We will continue to add new CD discs to this program so long as sales justify the considerable time and effort involved in recording these precious historic artifacts.

CD Books/Documents
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Code Name Image Price    
DIS1 Color Plates of East German Uniforms $15.00
DIS2 NVA Official Photocards. Series 1 $15.00
DIS3 NVA Official Photocards. Series 2 $15.00
DIS4 Fire Police: Laws and Regulations of the Fire Police and Volunteer Firemen, and Insignia of the Fire $15.00
DIS5 Nationale Volksarmee: Military Careers $15.00
DIS6 Police Uniform Regulations $15.00
DIS7 Border Soldiers $15.00
DIS8 Unsere Nationale Volksarmee $15.00
DIS9 Visual History of the Berlin Wall: East German Propaganda Photos. $15.00
DIS11 On Tracks and Wheels; The Land Defense Forces of the NVA $15.00

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