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Soviet Union & Warsaw Pact
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East Germany
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Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) Jackets and Pants

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BDU Jackets and Pants
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Code Name Image Price    
BDU2 SALE, NVA "Rain" (or "Splinter") Pattern/Strichtarn.. MINT $30.00
BDU4 SALE.. NVA Paratrooper "Rain Pattern" Uniform. $30.00
BDU6 NVA "Rain" Pattern Uniforms: Tank Crews $40.00
BDU8 SALE. NVA "Rain Pattern" Winter Jacker $25.00
BDU8b Detachable Fur Collar for Rain Pattern Winter BDU: EM/NCO $18.00
BDU8c RE-STOCKED ITEM. Detachable Fur Collar for Rain Pattern Winter BDU: Officer $20.00
BDU12 Civil Defense/Zivilverteidigung Olive Drab Fatigue Uniform: Females $65.00
BDU20 HALF-PRICE SALE. Soviet/Russian Camouflage Sniper Oversuit, with Hood $40.00
BDU21 NVA Panzer Black Collar Field Jacket. Rank: Sergeant $95.00
BDU2b SALE. NVA "Rain"( or "Splinter") Pattern BDUs: USED JACKETS ONLY. $8.00

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