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Code Name Image Price    
SOM16 Soviet State Security Commemorative Medal: KGB 80th Anniversary $30.00
SOM17 Soviet State Security Commemorative Medal: 80 Years of KGB Border Guard Troop $28.00
SOM20 Soviet Commemorative Medal: 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Vladimir Lenin, 1870-1970 $25.00
SOM21 Soviet Commemorative Medal: 250th Anniversary of the Founding and Defense of Leningrad $10.00
SOM23 Russian Federation Commemorative Medal: 80th Anniversary of the KOMSOMOL/VLKSM, 1918-1998 $26.00
SOM24 Russian Federation Commemorative Medal: 50 Years of Atomic Energy, 1948-1998 $27.00
SOM25 Soviet Higher Officer Cloth Ribbon Bars, #1: 25 Awards $145.00
SOM26 Soviet Higher Officer Cloth Ribbon Bars, #2: 25 Awards $145.00
SOM27 Soviet Order of the Red Star; 1956-1957 $75.00

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