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"With the (ending) of the NVA . . . went the last true German Army."

- Former Inspector General of the West German Army, as quoted in German Military Cuffbands, 1784-Present

A Special Message to Collectors. The world economic crisis prompts Gowen Militaria to say what experienced collectors already know. Quality authentic collectibles are a better investment by far than bank savings accounts, stocks, certificates of deposit, money markets and other so-called "securities." The better military collectibles increase steadily in value, with none of the fluctuations that make Wall Street investments such a gamble.

Those of you who have been trying to convince your wives and girlfriends and maybe yourselves that buying military collectibles pays off in the long run have just been proved right by the global meltdown. Military collectibles go on appreciating while the so-called "secure investments" keep sinking.

Fancy that, good friends, your average NVA tunic is worth 10 to 15 times more than a share of General Motors stock. Do the math and give us a call.

Authentic collectibles. At Gowen Militaria, we are proud to say that the collectibles we sell are genuine. They were made in East Germany, nowhere else. If we have doubts about the authenticity of an item, or in exceptional situations, like the reproduction parade saber now listed in our Catalog, where we know it to be made elsewhere than East Germany, we will tell you this without you having to ask. Honesty is indeed the best policy.

And don’t be bashful about giving us a call or an email. Giving a helping hand to our collector-friends is what we do best at Gowen Militaria.

Our Catalog is growing. If you have not visited our Catalog lately you might want to give it a new look-see. Many new items have been added, including a substantial number of items no longer available elsewhere. And let us not forget Soviet and Warsaw Pact militaria, including what we believe to be the largest assortment of Soviet military and police academy badges available outside of Russia.

Info Korner has arrived Visit our new section “Books: News and Reviews,” featuring comments and critiques by the staff at Gowen Militaria on books of interest to collectors in several fields: East German, Soviet and Warsaw Pact, Nazi Germany and postwar West Germany -- whatever new literature strikes our fancy. Happy Reading!

And don’t be bashful about giving us a call or an email. Giving a helping hand to our collector-friends is what we do best at Gowen Militaria.

NOTE FROM THE OWNER: WE CARE! We pride ourselves at Gowen Militaria in being a company run by active collectors for the benefit of other collectors. We can only improve with your feedback, which is always greatly appreciated - especially if you have any problems during your visit.

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